What is NexusComply?

NexusComply is Learning Nexus’ ground breaking compliance solution based on the market-leading Totara LMS. It allows your enterprise to deploy and manage risk assessments, policies, mandatory training and supervisory frameworks such as appraisals and performance management. The system also manages and automates compliance and can help measure behavioural change.

What are the features?

Online content

Bespoke courses, links and guides, off-the-shelf courses and video.

Compliance eLearning and Assessment 

eLearning that is targeted, relevant, interesting, engaging and realistic, which helps to reduce business risk. Fully certified courses on a range of subjects, content that can be online or offline, curated or bespoke. Assessments, tests, quizzes, polls or assignments.

Offline content

Classrooms, workshops, conferences and projects.

Behavioural Change

Learning Nexus understands the importance of measuring the effectiveness of eLearning as well as offline training, which is why NexusComply has built-in feedback.

The system analyses the effectiveness of learning and the success rates of learners and also helps assess return on investment through evaluation. This analysis can be through generic or bespoke solutions.


We know that effective learning is not just made up of eLearning, and may require offline activities such as training workshops and group projects to allow employees to fully understand a subject and comply.

The NexusComply system will manage your compliance both online and offline, all in one platform.

Policies and Risk Assessment

Organisations have policies that help ensure their workforce remains compliant. The NexusComply solution makes it simple to manage these policies.


For example, do you have a new starter who needs to complete an induction programme? NexusComply can import information from your HR system to recognise when the new starter has started work and automatically send alerts and reminders to ensure they complete the necessary learning.

Risk Assessments

For example, to ensure employees complete risk assessments on a regular basis, this can be pre-set in the system to make sure all employees are reminded and kept up to date.

Appraisals and Management Programs

NexusComply enables the seamless integration of learning with appraisals and learning development for employees.

Competencies: build competencies to integrate company goals with personal goals which are added to templates and applied to appraisals, for example.

Learning Plans: Because it’s critical to align employees with organisational strategies, NexusComply enables you to set up learning plan templates, based on roles or departments, and will also allow you to add associated competencies.

What’s more, personalise learning plans by setting due dates, priorities and objectives whilst learners can monitor their progress in their ‘learning records’.

Powerful Reporting and Monitoring

Monitoring: Provides a dashboard with an overview of your organisation or department and identifies who is currently compliant.

This function enables managers and supervisors to audit an employee and the extent of their compliance based on learning progress.

Reporting: NexusComply has a powerful report builder which enables administrators to quickly and easily build custom reports from scratch or to modify a set of pre-built reports.

  • Graphs and charts
  • Filter content by position, organisational hierarchy or team member
  • Reports in a variety of formats (including .cvs, .xls and .pdf)

Access rights can be assigned so that the right people see the right information.


We realise that our customers already have systems in place which is why NexusComply integrates these systems with learning solutions.

Maximise ROI and minimise data entry: people, position and organisational data can be regularly and automatically updated from your HR system.

Streamlined: integrates with major enterprise Single Sign On (SSO) standards allowing for an improved user experience.

Open source: accommodates custom system integration through Web Services using protocols such as REST, SOAP, XMLRPC, JSON and AMF. You’ll be able to customise the application and write new functions to suit your business needs.

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