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Totara Social

Based on the 70:20:10 learning model, 20% of all learning takes place socially. That’s why Totara designed an open-source Enterprise Social Network to manage and connect the people within your organisation.

Based on a separate platform which integrates with Totara Learn, Totara Social opens the flow of knowledge and is a catalyst for collaboration. It aims to kick-start sharing of information and ideas and between employees, as well as creating a fun workplace learning environment.

What can you do with Totara Social?

Create, Remix and Share

Create content, add web pages, use your favourite tools and embed external media, pull in Google Apps, add recent blog or forum posts, videos and more. Mix and match with drag and drop. Share – you decide where. Spin off a copy and remix for a different audience.


Social Networking

Stay connecting whilst choosing the level of what’s included. Choose the right level of notifications to receive and select the contributions, people, and tags that interest you. Use Group based feeds to ensure focused up-to-date information.

Share Ideas, work on them together

Propose ideas, add descriptions, tags and files. Choose where to share, everyone, individual connections or one or more groups. Or develop your idea further in private. Vote on ideas and add comments. Include your ideas when mixing pages to share.


Work “out loud” virtually by creating separate blogs for different work projects or groups. Use the editor to add images, files and comments to your blog. You can share post blogs with your connections or Groups to create a collaborative working environment.

Skills Profiler

Create talent pools, a digital CV or an extended profile with a range of flexible fields. This feature enables your workforce to list their skills so that leadership can build high-performing teams that can drive your organisation to success.

Engage with Comments

Want to share your ideas on existing content, pages and feeds? Add comments to various areas to work collaboratively with your colleagues. Join Discussion Forums or use individual or group based Chat to have conversations around work projects.

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