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The Learning Nexus Group Just Got Stronger

The Learning Nexus Group are proud to announce the re-launch of Safety4Business – The UK’s No 1 provider of Health & Safety eLearning Solutions.

Combining the knowledge of SME’s with 30+ years of experience in creating engaging and accessible eLearning, Safety4Business is the only supplier you’ll ever need for compliance focused eLearning.


Health & Safety eLearning Specialists


RoSPA approved eLearning for your organisation, built by award winning designers with 30+ years industry knowledge.


Adapt Authoring Tool


We offer Adapt from Can Studios, who are an official collaborator of the Adapt Learning Project.



NexusComply is Learning Nexus’ ground breaking compliance solution based on the market-leading Totara Learn. It allows your enterprise to deploy and manage risk assessments, policies, mandatory training and supervisory frameworks such as appraisals and performance management.

eLearning Solutions for Everyone

In partnership with Totara, we have provided Learning Management Systems and other eLearning products to a wide variety of businesses; public, private and non-profit sectors.

What is NexusComply?

NexusComply is Learning Nexus’ flagship and ground-breaking compliance online learning solution, based on the market-leading Totara LMS.

NexusComply allows your business to deploy and manage risk assessments, polices, training and supervisory frameworks such as appraisals and performance management. The beauty of NexusComply is that you can automate the vast majority of your internal processes, allowing you to focus on service delivery.

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Digital learning that inspires

200+ engaging and informative eLearning

Become the next storyteller at your

Top talent from within the eLearning

First-class support for your system

Totara Learning Management Systems and

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