There’s no denying the importance of good health and safety in the workplace.

According to Health and Safety Executive’s 2020-2021 report, 1.7 million people were suffering from work-related illness and 142 people were killed at work during this time.

Despite this, health and safety is often left until last, seen as time-consuming and tedious. But believe us when we say – good health and safety brings a plethora of benefits.

Here at Learning Nexus, we’re an approved provider of IOSH health and safety courses, and we strive to include case studies, podcasts and videos in each of our qualifications so that your employees can learn from real life scenarios. Discover more about our IOSH-approved courses here.

For now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of investing in good health and safety:

Increased efficiency

One of the advantages of investing in health and safety is that it can enhance efficiency and productivity at your organisation. Health and safety procedures call for the use of concise language, and solid, step by step structures. This makes tasks clearly defined and easy to understand, which in turn increases efficiency. Plus, in a safe environment, employees needn’t spend their time worrying about safety, meaning they’re more likely to stay focused on the task in hand.

Reduced costs

It comes as no surprise that managing health and safety incidents costs time and money. These costs are incurred through sick days, repairing equipment and production delays. When good health and safety practices are firmly in place, those costs lessen.

A clean image

In an increasingly conscious world, consumers are demanding more from both public and private sector companies. They’re attracted to brands that prioritise ethics, and safety makes up a big part of this. Put simply, if you’re seen to genuinely care about your employees, you’ll come across as trustworthy and valuable in the eyes of potential customers.

Reduced absenteeism

HSE estimates that in 2019/20, 38.8 million working days were lost due to non-fatal workplace injuries and work-related ill health. By protecting your workers, you can reduce absences, ensuring that your workplace is more efficient and productive.

A competitive advantage

Seeking a competitive advantage? A good health and safety record can build trust in your brand, increase recognition and build a good standing in your industry. Of course, the flip side of this is that weak health and safety standards can garner a poor reputation that reduces your earning potential.

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