Today, Victoria Wager, Digital Designer for Learning Nexus celebrates an amazing 8 years at Learning Nexus. Victoria works in the Production Team and is responsible for helping to build off-the-shelf and bespoke eLearning courses for our customers.

To celebrate her impressive 8 years at Learning Nexus, we decided to ask her one question for every year she’s spent here.

1.How did you end up working for LN?

I had worked for a large company in Swindon creating magazines to promote books. I had been there for 3 years and really fancied a change. I wanted to go more online and so when I saw this job advertised, I applied and luckily got the job!

2. What has been the highlight of your time at LN?

Honestly, I have to say meeting some amazing people. To have a fantastic line manager and talented team around me helps me to be the best I can be. Everyone is always willing to help and listen if I have a problem. I have made friends for life.

Learning Nexus team building event (2016)

3. How has Learning Nexus changed since you started here?

Learning Nexus has changed so much since I have started. It was relatively small, and it has consistently grown and grown, especially the Production department. When I first started there were only 4 of us, now there are 10 of us. New job roles have been created to fit the business which has given people chance to progress.

4. What has been your favourite off-the-shelf eLearning course you’ve made?

Surprisingly, I have made so many over the 8 years but when I read this question the first to pop into my head were the first courses I made which were our Personal Safety series. I like to think that my courses have helped people to be safer at work. It was many years ago but I remember the pride when I finished the range.

5. What has been your favourite bespoke eLearning course you’ve made?

A tricky one, but I have loved the work I have created for Welsh Water. Their brand is fab to work with. I can’t pinpoint a particular course as so many to choose from. I have visited the Welsh Water headquarters a few times and its lovely meeting the people I create the courses along side.

6. How have you changed as a person since you started?

Good question! I have become a lot more confident while working here as on quite a few occasions I have spoken to clients and stood up in front of my colleagues during team meetings and discussions. Also during my 8 years at Learning Nexus I have become a Wife and Mother. I feel these two huge events have changed me for the better.

7. What new skills have you learned?

I came on-board with a good knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. I am now very proficient in these and have also learnt how to use Articulate Storyline, Adobe Audition and After Effects, so I’ve really been able to broaden my skills.

8. What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I hope to continue learning new skills here and work on my Adobe After Effects knowledge so I can help the rest of the team develop our fab new eBytes range.

The eBytes Range

Congratulations Victoria on your 8 years at Learning Nexus, you’ve made a fantastic contribution to the team and organisation as a whole – here’s to the next 8 years!

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