Learning Nexus G-Cloud 9

Learning Nexus are one of the suppliers awarded a place on the UK Government’s latest G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 9. This, in turn, helps to support the digital transformation of the public sector with eLearning products and services.

What is the G-Cloud 9 framework?

The G-Cloud 9 framework provides UK public sector organisations with a simple way of purchasing cloud-based products and services. This helps to increase operational efficiency and achieve strategic goals.

What can you buy?

Users can explore the “Digital Marketplace” to find and compare cloud hosting, software and/or support. There are thousands of suppliers but the search functions will allow you to find exactly what you need. Product and services range from eLearning to cloud hosting support.

Why use G-Cloud 9?

The framework offers a cost-effective way for learning and development teams across the UK to simply and easily research eLearning providers. You can then purchase these services with minimal effort whilst adhering to internal procurement requirements.

Instead, those in local government, education, health services, emergency services, defence and not-for-profit organisations will have access to the “Digital Marketplace” to find and compare software and support. The platform will let users search for cloud-based requirements by keyword and find the best value for money service. This allows you to award and sign the contract to the provider all within G-Cloud 9.

How has G-Cloud 9 improved from previous versions?

Previously, shortlisting suppliers has been a difficult task but G-Cloud 9 has enhanced categorisation. It is now more detailed and allows buyers to search more specifically for the required services. The maximum call-off time used to be two years, but public sector organisations will now have the ability to extend this for two periods of 12 months. This flexibility provides an attractive framework for all such organisations.

What will Learning Nexus offer?

On G-Cloud 9, Learning Nexus offer both off-the-shelf content, such as legislation and health and safety courses, and bespoke content. These products and services are available with or without NexusComply (a Totara LMS). They are housed under the “cloud software” category within the framework.

Learning Nexus have several public sector clients including Student Loans Company, Durham County Council and Fife Council, but the introduction of G-Cloud 9 should make it even easier for prospective customers to find the services they require.

How do you use G-Cloud 9?

You can start looking for the products and services you need by visiting the Digital Marketplace. Here, you’ll find a user-friendly search function with several filters including user support and security compliance requirements.

Alternatively, if you have any questions about G-Cloud 9 or what Learning Nexus offers within the framework, contact us for more information.