Here at Learning Nexus, we’ve recently implemented deep working time as a way to enhance our creative output.

Head of Production, People & Culture, Kim Eade, who came up with the idea to implement it, says: “At Learning Nexus, a lot of our staff undertake roles that mean they jump from task to task, with little to no downtime. We felt it was important that everyone had the chance to focus purely on one or two tasks. Doing this at the same time for all staff means everyone is head down at the same time – so people don’t feel like they have to respond to others or feel bad for not being contactable.

Giving people the opportunity to really focus with the idea they complete more or complete tasks with higher quality means staff feel better about what they have achieved, they are energised and productive. I hope this will help the team take a step back from the everyday pressures of meetings, emails and task juggling to give them clear time to focus and achieve more.”

Along with our own exploration into deep working, we also offer an extensive list of digital training courses on the topics of time management, planning and prioritisation, which include:
·  Time Management: Managing disruption and Keeping focused
·  Time Management: Deciding your Priorities
·   Time Management: Planning and Scheduling
·   The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management

· Do not Disturb – How to get Some Peace by Minimising Interruptions
·  Own your Email – How to Minimise the Distraction of Emails by Taking Control of Them
·  To-Do or Not-To-Do – Understand the Importance of Ensuring Tasks on your To-Do list are relevant
·  Delivery from the Past – How to Plan Effectively to Meet Your Objectives

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