Over the years, we’ve seen many of our clients empower their employees, and this has led us to one key conclusion:

An empowered workforce has the ability to unlock lasting organisational success.

Why? Well, because when staff feel truly empowered, they’re more willing to go the extra mile, make meaningful contributions, and bring up ideas that result in positive transformation.

If you’re seeking a slice of the magic, take a read of our top tips to empower your people this year:

Encourage decision-making
Ahh micromanagement! In some way or another, we’ve all experienced it, and felt the damaging effects of a manager wanting to dictate our every move. Despite this, the practice is still very much alive across countless sectors.

If you’re seeking to change the narrative, start dolling out small to medium-sized decisions to your workforce. Whether it’s how they organise their day, when they attend the office or the area of work they focus on, the net result will be employees that feel respected, confident and free in their roles. And frankly, who doesn’t want that?

Promote communication
They say that communication is one of the key ingredients to a successful life – and we couldn’t agree more.

With its ability to connect, engage and inspire, a workplace founded on great communication is one where employees feel like their voice matters. Whether they want to put forward a brave but brilliant idea, improve the way a team is managed or discuss a problem that’s reducing their productivity, communication is at the core of empowering employees to be their best.

So, we say keep the communication lines well and truly open! Ensure your managers are approachable, create an environment where speaking up is encouraged, and watch as your staff grow in confidence.

Request input
Didn’t you know? Your staff can be a source of great innovation! So, whether you’re looking for feedback on a logo or help with a new product, hand them the mic and invite employees to bring forward their ideas and insights. Not only will asking for their opinion garner a wealth of creative ideas, but it’ll make them feel seen, valued, and trusted.

Invest in learning
A trained employee is an empowered employee – fact. Whether it’s helping a designer master a new software programme, teaching a client executive presentations skills, or guiding new managers on how to have difficult conversations, a body of skills will give your employees permission to excel in their roles.

If you’re looking to upskill your workforce, we’ve got a catalogue of more than 300 digital courses ripe for equipping your staff with the skills they need. Contact us at hello@learningnexus.co.uk or on 01453 756000 to find out more.

Engage in feedback
Great employees can be trusted to do great work. Yet without positive feedback, they’re likely to run out of fuel. Next time you see them, tell them their last presentation was incredible, or when a client expresses something positive about their work, feed it back to them immediately. Keeping the positive feedback flowing will empower your employees in the long term.