The E-Learning Awards recognise E-Learning excellence, and this year’s Awards had a record number of over 400 entries which were whittled down to a shortlist of just under 150.

HUM, one of the country’s most established automotive brands, was nominated by Learning Nexus for the Awards and subsequently shortlisted for the ‘E-Learning Team of the Year Award 2015’.

The dream of the HUM team was to use E-Learning to inspire and motivate its associates to increase performance and productivity.

Development was a major factor for HUM to increase its company performance. With a continuous production line process, it was imperative that improvements were delivered accurately and to tight timescales.

They exceeded their original expectations and posted improved communication results between the UK, Europe and Japan, saving substantial amounts and highlighting the benefits of E-Learning.

This was achieved by implementing a Virtual Learning Environment, creating 44 bespoke E-Learning courses and the ‘Stimulating Storehouse’.