On 3rd July 2018, the G-Cloud 10 framework went live. The platform holds 3,505 different suppliers offering cloud-based hosting, software and support. Learning Nexus are pleased to have been accredited as a supplier. This enables us to offer LMS and eLearning services to the public sector.

Firstly, what is G-Cloud 10 and the ‘Digital Marketplace’?

G-Cloud 10 is the latest version of the UK Government initiative to simplify the procurement of cloud-based services. Usually, public sector organisations have to complete a long and drawn out tender for services. In contrast, G-Cloud 10 allows organisations to call off listed services without the need for a full tender.

Why did the Government introduce G-Cloud?

Notably, the aim of the framework is to break down the barriers between small-medium enterprises (SMEs) and Government organisations. According to the Government, 90% of the firms on the G-Cloud 10 framework are SMEs. In addition, more than £3 billion has been spent via the Digital Marketplace since its conception in 2012.

Why should organisations use G-Cloud 10?

There are several benefits to procuring services through the Digital Marketplace. With this in mind, here’s a few in detail:

  • Simplify the procurement process by narrowing down your favourite suppliers and facilitate a ‘mini competition’ to choose the most suitable
  • Save time, money and resource on research by having suppliers in one place
  • Gain access to suppliers you may have never come across
  • Suppliers are pre-vetted and approved by the Crown Commercial Service – giving you assurance that suppliers are legitimate and genuine
  • All pricing is shown with services, allowing for increased transparency and provides you with more information to choose suitable suppliers within your budget
  • Gain access to various cloud services all in one place

 What does Learning Nexus offer on G-Cloud?

Since being renewed on G-Cloud from last year, Learning Nexus has bolstered the number of services available:

Totara Learn LMS
Off-the-shelf eLearning Courses
Full package including LMS, Courses and an Authoring Tool
Bespoke/Custom eLearning Content

Platform users can freely look at what each service offers, its pricing and our terms and conditions. With contact details also on the Marketplace, organisations can easily get in touch for a demo or more information.

In summary, go and explore the Digital Marketplace today. Visit the website to search for the cloud services you need. Try “eLearning”, “Totara LMS” or “off-the-shelf courses”.

If you’d like to learn more about Learning Nexus or our services, contact us on hello@learningnexus.co.uk. Or visit our contact form.