This month, we have been refurbishing some of our favourite eLearning course titles to HTML5. This means it is now available to be accessed via mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

Why are Questions Important?
We’ve refreshed the course that focuses on improving your communication skills by understanding the importance of how to approach asking questions. The new animated look and feel brings the course to life.

Why are questions important eLearning

Why are Questions Important eLearning Course Screenshot

Using Open and Closed Questions
We’ve refurbished this course which concentrates on ensuring you are asking the right questions and getting the responses you need, enhancing your communication skills in the workplace.

Using Open and Closed Questions eLearning

Using Open and Closed Questions eLearning Course Screenshot

If you are interested in learning more about these courses or our full eLearning off-the-shelf course range, you can contact us here.