Over the last few months, we have been amending some existing eLearning courses, gained new accredited courses and created some brand new course titles. Take a look below to see what new and updates courses we’ve got to offer…

Handling Stress at Work – A Guide for Managers (RoSPA approved)

Stress for Managers eLearning Course

Stress for Managers eLearning Course

This eLearning course has been created to provide more specific guidance to managers in handling stress in the workplace. We have another course: “Handling Stress in the Workplace” which covers similar topics but is aimed at the whole workforce.

This RoSPA approved course recognises stress as a contributor towards behavioural change, psychological dysfunction and serious health problems. Stress, therefore, has a major effect not only on people’s lives, but also on business profitability and organisational effectiveness. This eLearning course covers the following topics:

  • What is ‘stress’?
  • Management responsibilities relating to work related stress
  • The implications of health and safety law and Corporate Social Responsibility in relation to work related stress
  • The HSE model for managing work related stress:
    – Identifying the risk factors
    – Establishing who can be harmed and how
    – Evaluating the risks
    – Recording the findings
    – Monitoring and reviewing

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Money Laundering

Money Laundering eLearning Course

Money Laundering eLearning Course

This eLearning course on money laundering aims to bring organisations up to scratch in 20 minutes about the criminal activity.

The course explains what money laundering is, how it is carried out and how to prevent it by following legislation. It also includes some useful warning signs to help you spot and report money laundering too.

The eLearning courses covers:

  • What is money laundering
  • How is money laundering carried out?
    – Placement
    – Layering
    – Integration
  • Legislation
  • Combating money laundering
  • Signs of money laundering
  • Reporting suspicions
  • The impact of money laundering

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An Introduction to Cyber Security

Cyber Security eLearning Course

Cyber Security eLearning Course

Practically all businesses and organisations worldwide use computers and the internet to store, process and communicate information – much of it sensitive and confidential. Gaining illegal access to personal and organisational information can be very lucrative for cyber criminals.
This eLearning course explains how you can remain safe (and compliant) by understanding online security measures. You will be able to describe how to protect yourself and the company you work for.
The eLearning course covers:
  • Recognise who is responsible for cyber security
  • List the dangers of cyber attacks
  • Recall the methods of system attacks and how to minimise the risks
    • System vulnerabilities
    • Phishing
    • Malware
    • Spyware
    • Denial of service
    • Social engineering
    • Insider threats
  • Apply your knowledge to different scenarios
  • Describe the basic security practices and explain how to apply them

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