Did you catch Daniel Mills’ talk at Learning Technologies—The Four Pillars of Empowering People? L&D leaders took away an understanding of how to adopt a consultative approach to Employee Relations, Change and Transition Management, Development, and Legal functions to empower their people.

Daniel’s talk hit home with many, generating lots of conversation and enquiries for the Empowering People Group from organisations looking to improve employee experiences. So, if you missed attending Daniel’s talk on the day or feel inspired to think more deeply about how your organisation can empower your people, read on to discover exactly how to uncover,

  • What your organisation is doing now
  • How this helps or hinders the achievement of current tasks/business objectives
  • The actions you need to take to sustain improvements

Uncovering areas of weakness and opportunity comes down to asking the right questions and analysing the relevant data. This blog will explore the first Pillar of Employee Relations.

Pillar 1 – Employee Relations

Data collected by AdviserPlus (part of the Empowering People Group) indicated that 53% of respondents ranked ER a higher priority than other HR activities. Yet, only a third indicated they felt capable of taking ownership of related ER matters such as grievance, bullying, discipline and conduct.

When it comes to your organisation, ask yourself;

  • What training (formal and experiential) takes place, and how does it build confidence and competence for individuals tackling these matters?
  • What supporting documentation and resources underpin ER practices? Does everyone understand what good looks like and have the means to voice concerns? What are the consequences of doing so?
  • How do business practices and learning materials stay current with changes in legislation and workplace routines? What must organisations do more (or less of) to address the complexity of modern workplaces and human needs?

By answering these questions, organisations will understand where and what they need to improve to foster psychological safety within the ER pillar—which is crucial for building a solid foundation for the other pillars. Creating a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals feel comfortable expressing themselves is essential for overall well-being and success in the workplace.

Our next blog will explore Pillar 2 – Change and Transition Management, sharing the questions Daniel recommends organisations ask to inform the best approach L&D can adopt to make a real difference.

In the meantime, for further insight and to learn more about how the Empowering People Group can simplify employee experiences and empower people to drive success, please visit www.empoweringpeoplegroup.com.