Running between 16th – 20th of May, Learning at Work Week casts a spotlight on the human ability to learn, how we can be lifelong learners and the importance of community in empowering people to learn and grow.

This year, the campaign’s theme is ‘Learning Uncovered,’ which focuses on deepening our understanding, knowledge and engagement in lifelong learning by exploring:

  • The importance of being lifelong learners
  • How we can initiate and support lifelong learning, both individually and in our work communities
  • The benefits that lifelong learning offers for work and life

Here at Learning Nexus, we’re passionate about elevating our skills so to that we can perform at our very best. From upping our illustration abilities to studying health and safety in the workplace, here’s how we’re learning at work this week:

Uncovering learning potential

Engaging in lifelong learning helps us to feel more confident, empowered and purposeful, and no-one understands that better than our Account Executive, Alycia. She’s made it her business to take the IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely courses in order to gain a deeper understanding of health and safety in the workplace.

This sought-after qualification helps both the individual and employer by improving health and safety awareness (which reduces risk), and giving employees both a safe place to work, and further responsibility, which enhances their career opportunities.  

 “Taking the IOSH Working Safely and Managing Safely courses has made me more alert to hazards in the workplace and more confident in knowing how to handle them,” says Alycia.

(Account Executive, Alycia)

Discovering hidden powers

There’s great power in uncovering our hidden talents. Whether it’s discovering we’re really good at design or great at teaching others new skills, discovering hidden powers can spark new ideas, conversations and innovation.

Our lovely Creative Designer Steph has recently been upgrading her illustration skills during her spare time using Skillshare’s ‘Illustration: Drawing People in Motion’ course. Through this online course, she’s realised that her hidden power lies in drawing characters!

“The step-by-step course focused on fluidity and character position, which was really cool!” says Steph.

(Creative Designer, Steph)

Unearthing new dimensions

Since the pandemic, our working lives have changed dramatically, and we’re now facing whole new dimensions when it comes to work and life. As work becomes both more digital, and more remote too, new ways to work, learn and connect will be required. This makes it essential to refresh our skills for the shifting landscape.

Learning Nexus designers Tom, Anya and Duncan are currently taking a beginner motion graphics course in order to improve their skills and speed up production. The course is hosted by thefutur, an online education platform packed with courses to help creative professionals improve their skills.

Anya says: “One day a week, we have a ‘Side hustle’ day, and I’ve been doing the animation course. This day is for personal achievements that will help you progress within your job. So now I’m dabbling my foot in a bit of animation. It’s quite hard but I’ve noticed that being able to add some elements of animation to my work on Storyline really helps!”

(Creative Designer, Tom)

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