The housing sector has always undergone change, but never before has it seen quite as many shifts as it is right now.

Recent challenges regarding insufficient accommodation combined with the introduction of the new Social Housing Bill mean that right now is a time for both change and opportunity for housing associations across the nation.

At Learning Nexus, we understand how stressful these changes might be, but thankfully, with a little help from digital learning, your can effortlessly breeze through sector shifts.

How so you ask? Well, here’s a few of the ways that digital learning can support you:

A quick response to changing needs
The digital learning sector can produce transformational content at a moment’s notice – and this makes it ripe to respond well to the ever-changing needs of housing associations.

In 2020, a two year-old child died of respiratory problems relating to damp and mould in his rented property. In response to this, many digital learning companies have reacted quickly and produced in-depth courses on these essential matters to prevent further tragedies occurring.

In this way, digital learning becomes an agent for housing associations to respond quickly to changes in the sector, and to meet the varied needs of its people.

Skyrocketing your employee competency
In summer 2023, the Social Housing Regulation Bill will come into force. The intention of this Bill is to deliver transformational change for social housing residents – to empower them, provide greater redress, better regulation, and improved quality of social housing.

Once in place, it will shine a spotlight on the competence of employees in the housing sector, and that means a dynamic LMS and a rich library of digital learning will become a key conduit through which you can deploy skill-boosting training.

Creating development pathways
It’s no secret that digital learning is one of the best ways to help your people grow and develop – and one way that housing associations can begin this journey is by setting up development pathways for all job roles. But what does that even mean? Well, it’s all about identifying a curriculum of learning that is carefully aligned to job performance.

A brilliant LMS is key for the housing sector being able to launch this because it’s a way that they can assign that learning and report on progress.

Head of Implementation at Learning Nexus, Duncan Eeles, says: “Totara Perform’s competency framework allows managers and users to identify skills and behaviours where there is room for improvement, from which the learner can be guided towards a pathway to development.”

Say hello to greater collaboration
When digital learning is approached in a collaborative, community-based way, it becomes seriously effective – and this makes it an essential tool for housing associations to bring their people together.

Here at Learning Nexus, we developed our Housing Course Share to give housing associations access to a rich bank of digital learning that they can share amongst themselves. Not only can they develop their people through this resource, but it offers an amazing opportunity for housing associations to connect in a like-minded space. Cool hey!

Increasing social value starts here
If you ask us, being an effective housing association isn’t just about providing high quality, secure homes, but also about offering key social value, and having positive interactions with often vulnerable residents.

Creating a digital learning hub for residents is one way to help residents to learn and grow together, because it can facilitate wellbeing, financial inclusion, and community, and in this way, digital learning offers to help your people evolve in one dynamic and inspiring space. Sign us up!

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