Top 20 with eLearning Industry

Totara Learn has got a big mention in a post by eLearning Industry, which you can read here. The founder of the website highlights the Best 20 Vendors offering LMS demos.

He reminds readers that it’s important to get an LMS demo. They allow you to understand the features of your future LMS and to “evaluate your options and invest wisely”. Out of the 20 LMS providers listed, Totara Learn came 7th. Pappas states:

“Totara Learn is the award-winning open source learning platform designed to help develop, train, manage and engage your staff. Their LMS demo requires a specific topic, details about your company and its size, your contact info, as well as providing any other information you think will be of use for the scheduling. Through the live demo you can test how Totara Learn can help you achieve your business objectives through effective learning and development.”

Supporting over 70,000 Totara Learn users

Firstly, as a Platinum Partner of Totara, Learning Nexus are now supporting around 70,000 users of Totara Learn. As a result, we understand the power behind the platform and the opportunities it can offer organisations. You can read the evidence for yourself by looking at some of the reviews left on eLearning Industry by happy Totara customers.

Secondly, another reason Totara Learn made it onto the list is because Totara offer a demo website. It allows you to set up a login and explore the different features of the site. You can test the site in four different formats – administrator, manager, trainer or learner. Handy right?

However, perhaps you have more questions or are quite new to learning management systems. If you need more guidance, Learning Nexus also offer free webinar demos. One of our specialist Totara trainers will take your through the system online. They will show you relevant sections for you and fully highlight the system’s capabilities.

Discover more about Totara Learn

You can read more about Totara Learn with Learning Nexus here. Alternatively, contact us for a demo.

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