Ocado and Coventry City Council Bespoke Work

Pretty much all eLearning providers are offering bespoke eLearning solutions these days. But if your organisation just uses off-the-shelf courses, you should explore what you’re missing. That’s why we’ve lined up some of the main benefits of bespoke eLearning below.

Tailored for you

eLearning requirements often fall outside of the abilities of off-the-shelf content. This creates a learning gap best fulfilled through eLearning but is too niche to buy pre-made. For example, you want to offer retail employees a course on “the ultimate customer service experience”. Incorporating your organisation’s core values and beliefs about customers means it will be unique.  That’s why custom projects allow for the creation of bespoke eLearning journeys specific to your needs, no matter how niche the topic.

Reflect your corporate style

From logos and colours, to style and tone of voice, bespoke eLearning ensures consistency. This helps employees to develop their knowledge and understanding of the organisation. For example, eLearning courses can match intranet branding to create the feeling of a central hub of information. Bespoke eLearning also allow organisations to be experimental. Gamification formats will suit a fun and relaxed company culture, but if your organisation has a strong formal business culture, your eLearning can reflect this.

Targeted approach

eLearning providers try their best to make sure off-the-shelf content connects with a wide audience. But bespoke eLearning ensures you can target your audience with suitable elements. For example, if you need to create an induction course for new starters with an in-depth explanation of relevant terminology, the end-users are more likely to engage with the content. This, in turn, increases return on investment.

Learner-focused structure

We’ve learned over the years that L&D departments know their organisations best. So, they are more likely to know what styles of online learning are effective for their employees. When investing in bespoke, organisations can specify course formats and structures to maximise engagement. This could be a gamified format that encourages users to work their way through challenges to gain information. Or, it could be a simple quiz structure that provides learners with a clear result and call to action.

Cost-effective and flexible

Bespoke eLearning is more cost-effective when compared with classroom based or instructor-led training. This is because employees are not restricted to one-time, one-place learning and can use eLearning for years. What’s more, as your organisation develops the bespoke course, there are no third-party content restrictions. This means you can make amends as the need arises to ensure end-users have access to up to date information.

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